Bishopston Walking Map Project: Update September 2014

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· Community Mapping Event: 27th September 10 am

· Progress to date on engagement work

· Meeting 1st Oct to decide on routes

· Future work programme

Our next event is:

Community Mapping and Streetscape Improvements, Saturday 27th September

Horfield Quaker Meeting House, Gloucester Road

10 am to 1 pm (tea, coffee and cake provided).

This will be an opportunity to work with planning and design expert, Richard Guise who will help us devise and use symbols to map walkability in our neighbourhood. Mapping walkability is a key part of our project, and we are really lucky to have Richard to help us since he has had a lot of success with his ‘our place’ community mapping work for building conservation purposes. We will have a workshop session and then go out mapping on the streets !

Please forward details to all your contacts.

Project Progress:


We have held meetings and focus groups with our map and survey with toddler groups, Bishopston WI, an elderly people’s home, a street stall on Gloucester Road, and at a school fare.

Our survey is still live and due to run until the end of December, please fill it in and send out:

Route decision making

We will be meeting at Liz’s house at 6 pm on Wednesday 1st October to decide on which routes to include in our map. We will be using our own pilot work and information gathered from the public. (Liz had an expedition on a mobility scooter and ended up having to call the police twice because she was blocked in by parked cars.) If you can’t make this meeting and have views you would like to communicate, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will try and meet you before then.

Route Mapping

If you can record walkability please let us know and we will give you the tools. This will be essential work once we have identified our key routes.

Map Design

We will start to consider map design at our next steering group meeting on Tuesday 21st October, at Horfield Lodge Coffee House at 10.15 am.

Daniella Radice


Stormy skies over Bishopston

Stormy skies over Bishopston

Stormy skies over Bishopston

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The state of the City: The Green Group Leader Response


At Bristol City Council’s AGM last week, I gave a short speech in response to the Mayor’s speech on the state of the city.

Here it is:

This has been a year of change, particularly for those who work and have worked for the council. The impact of the budget cuts and austerity is having a real impact on many peoples’ lives across the city, and so tackling inequality must be at the top of all our Agendas.

I would like to pay tribute to all those who have recently left the council, for their many years of public service. Public service is important and the efforts of those who work across public services are often denigrated, when public servants play and have played a huge role in shaping all our lives, and in changing lives for the better.
As well as keeping public services public (how about calling for the Great Western Franchise back in public hands for example?) the Council has a huge role to play in the economy of our city. Support for local high streets is high and we should be doing all we can to protect our high streets and enable new independent shops to flourish across the city.
This has also been a year of hard work, and there are some positive things that stand out: the launch of the Bristol Good Food plan, the beginning of ambitious insulation and solar energy projects that will create green jobs, and save energy, and the formation of the Severn region partnership on tidal lagoons, implementing a long-standing Green Energy policy for our area.
But what is the one of the central issues that is still holding our city back ? It is transport, and at the top of our list is an Integrated Transport Authority. I know there is cross-party support for this issue and it is incumbent of every single one of us to use all the political influence we have to get a single body directing transport policy across our region.
We have serious reservations about the whole Metrobus project. It is inconceivable and incredibly disappointing that no alternative to development at Feed Bristol, has been proposed, and that something so precious and rare as Grade one agricultural land will be lost for good.

Again, I’d like to talk about something where there is consensus across the city – Rail metro project is vital to all of us. We need new stations across the city and a proper network, when we look across to Cardiff that has opened new rail lines and stations in recent years, we really feel the lack of devolved power to our area, as England suffers under the straightjacket of London’s control.

Walking and Cycling both need attention. But, not together. Both walkers and cyclists are incredibly frustrated at being lumped together in traffic schemes –lets take some more space away from cars !We need both a walking and a cycling cabinet member, walkers and cyclists have different needs but both need leadership.

Finally, a word on Green capital.Its incredibly exciting opportunity to showcase our city and start some really innovative projects. For example, let’s build some really Green council houses, in the face of the Coalitions efforts to lower energy efficiency standards, we can make sure our homes future homes are cheap to heat and keep cool. A successful Green capital will reflect well on all of us, but particularly if the benefits are felt across the city and have health, economic and environmental impact, and we are going to work hard to ensure they do.

Greens Speak Out Against Austerity

AntiCutsGreens highlight new austerity report as they join anti-cuts demonstrations across the South West

As many councils in the South West agree reduced budgets this week and Green Party campaigners join anti-cuts demonstrations across the region, a new report confirms that the cuts have hit the most vulnerable the hardest.

Counting the Cuts, a report by the Centre for Welfare Reform, [1] is based on the government’s own statistics and finds that the disabled, those on low incomes and those needing help form social services are those who are being particularly hard hit by the cuts. It says the cuts are, ‘justified by the use of rhetoric and stigma which causes further prejudice and harm.’

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My 2014 Budget Speech

Supporting the teachers' strike. Supporting the teachers’ strike

Here is the text of a speech I made to Bristol City Council on budget day 2014:

“I got into politics because I could see that the current way the economy is managed is not delivering in things I care about: equality and the sustainability of our planet.

This proposal involves severe cuts to the revenue budget of our Council. I appreciate that they are not of our Mayor’s making.  Pleased that the following have been reinstated: St Paul’s family  learning centre, some of the equalities team, public toilets and services for older people.

I am going to talk about three things

  1. Why these cuts are wrong and unnecessary.
  2. The reality of the cuts: what is being removed
  3. Green ideas about how our economy should be run.

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